Another Possible Smith's Longspur.

Terry Osborne terryos at
Wed Feb 6 17:11:14 EST 2002

I had fleeting glimpses of what might very well have been yet another
Smith's Longspur today in Peel. While not one to post in a speculative
fashion, I felt I should relate this info for any others that might wish to
try to re-locate this bird. The bird was with a group of approximately
twenty Horned Larks in a field on the east Side of Heritage Road opposite
house number 13380. The flock was very flighty and moved back and forth
between this location and yet another field opposite house  number 13456.

Having seen the one near Hagersville, this bird was very similar in plumage.
The bird seemed to remain within the flock but when on the ground, chose to
keep a separation from the others.

I was first attracted to this bird when I noticed a very buffy/yellowy bird,
somewhat smaller than the Horned Larks and it's habit of keeping a
separation from the rest of the flock.

I was unable to get a clear look at the tail feathers in flight owing to
poor lighting and therefore  cannot add this feature to my description. It
was however , a Longspur, and not a Lapland. I'm unprepared to state
categorically that it was a Smith's not having a scope with me at the time,
only my bins and the light being somewhat less than good. Also, my looks at
it were but brief at best. Should anyone choose to follow this up and find
this bird, I'd appreciate your thoughts in e-mail.

Heritage Road runs between Mississauga Road and Winston Churchill Boulevard
and can be reached by going west on Derry Road from Mississauga Road (just
north of Hwy. 401) one line. Then north on Heritage Road to number 13380,
which is south of the King Side Road and south of Terra Cotta.

Terry Osborne

"Terry Osborne" <terryos at>

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