Smith's Longspur

Victoria and / or John Carley at
Wed Feb 6 19:40:55 EST 2002

The Smith's Longspur was still present at 5pm today (Feb 6). It was
associating with a flock of 50+ snow buntings and 1 Lapland Longspur, and
moving continually about the northerly field. A scope is a necessity.

DIRECTIONS: From Frank Pinella's post

Hwy 6 south from Hamilton, beyond Caledonia and the hamlet of Willow Grove
you will see Oneida Twp. Concession 2 running east/left, the field where the
Buntings, Larks & Longspurs are is around the small bridge on the left/north
side of 2nd Conc., stay on the road and the birds will eventually come to
you (might be best to have a scope though).

John Carley

"Victoria and / or  John Carley" < at>

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