Ottawa - Snowy Owl

eve ticknor sandbird at
Wed Feb 6 23:08:38 EST 2002

This afternoon around 3pm I saw a Snowy Owl perched on a post in the middle
of a field along Fallowfield Rd.  It is not the same one I have sent in
reports prior to this.  This one is a Juvenile, heavily pared, much of it

The field is in the north side of Fallowfield Rd between Greenbank and
Woodroffe, actually between Greenbank and the Railway tracks, which are just
west of the Transit Station.

Fallowfield can be accessed from an exit on the 416 or off Prince of Wales
along the Rideau River, south of the bridge on Hunt Club.

-Eve Ticknor
Coordinator, OFNC Peregrine Falcon Watch
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
sandbird at

"use the talents you possess,
for the woods would be silent
if no birds sang except the best"

eve ticknor <sandbird at>

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