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I would guess at least 150 birders have gone to Hagersville and seen the
Smith's Longspur.  At least several long time birders and World travelers
got this as a life bird!  This is not surprising since it has been a bit of
a mystery bird especially insofar as its migration patterns and wintering
ranges are concerned.  Without extensive research I've put together a series
of references which can be easily consulted and which some birders may be
interested in checking out.  They make fascinating and instructive
reading.In no particular order these are

Kemsies, E. and W. Randle 1964. A distributional summary and some behavioral
notes for Smith's Longspur.  Canadian Field-Naturalist 78: 28-31.

Kemsies, E. 1961. Subspeciation in the Smith's Longspur.  Canadian
Field-Naturalist 75: 143-149.

Devitt, O.E. 1950.  "Further bird records from Simcoe County"   (not the
exact title). Canadian Field-Naturalist 64: 148.

Dunn, J.L. and D. Beadle 1998. Longspurs distribution and identification in
basic plumage.Birders Journal 7: 68-93.

Ryff, A.J. 1987.  Smith's Longspur: A case of neglect.  Ontario Birds 5:

In addition the following three OBRC Annual Reports have Smith's Longspur

1984: Ontario Birds 1985. 3:15
1985: Ontario Birds 1986: 4:16
1997: Ontario Birds 1998: 16:74


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