Smith's Longspur

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Thu Feb 7 11:37:33 EST 2002

The Smith's Longspur was present over the noon hour today (Feb 7) on
Concession Road 2. It was associating with a flock of snow buntings at
the end of my stop but with some Horned Larks when I arrived. I saw a
Lapland Longspur in the group once as well.

When I was there the Smith's Longspur seemed to favour the area around
the red  gas pipes in the field. It often stayed behind when the
buntings flew up and was often at the edge of the flock. You need a
scope to enjoy this bird when it is in the field.

I left when the flock suddenly flew up very high and flew towards the

A short drive around the area back roads yielded a dark phase
Rough-legged hawk and lots of other bird life. 

Hwy 6 south from Hamilton, beyond Caledonia and the hamlet of Willow
you will see Oneida Twp. Concession 2 running east/left, the field where
Buntings, Larks & Longspurs are is past the small bridge on the
side of 2nd Conc. west of the power lines. The 2nd line is north of

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