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Craig McLauchlan csam at sympatico.ca
Thu Feb 7 16:46:11 EST 2002

Please Excuse my spelling ,I am Dyslexic
thank you for your understanding.

After reading George’s  post on the Ovenbird in Sunnybrook Park and
finally having some time on my hands ( hahahah) I tuck off their first
thing this morning , which in Toronto traffic gets you their mid morning
! But it wasn’t 5 mints and the bird flue out from its hiding spot up by
the hanging feeder and sat on the side of the hill under a bent tree...
giving great looks for all that went by and asked what I was doing ??!!

So nice to see this bird ! and it  looks healthy I dint see it limp but
I know others did, but other than that it looks fine!

Hear are George’s Directions:

Directions to Sunnybrook Park.  From the intersection of The Don Valley
Parkway and Eglinton Avenue, precede west ~2 kms. To Leslie Street and
100 metres to the park entrance on your left (west). The washroom
is 200 metres ahead beside the road.

Then I drove out to look for the Smiths Longspur that Terry Osborne
posted yesterday , I drove right up Heritage rood (it a long way up from
the 401) stoping and looking at all the Horned Larks with no luck ? ,
will at House # 13456 I saw a large flock of  Snow Buntings fly up and
to the field on the east side of the rood  and could see that the farmer
had bin  spreading manure in the field , thinking I might get a better
look from the other side , I drove over to Mississauga rood and park
south of house # 13694 .

>From hear with my scoop I could see the best part of the field which
include 350+ Snow Buntings ,60 + Horned larks ,3 Lapland Longspur’s and
a small Buffy yellow  bird with slight white mark on the wings and white
in the tall and a strong vied  face pattern.

I know that it is vary hard to sex this birds in the winter but I wood
say this was a mail bird ,  this bird look just like the bird in
Hagersville and once again I tried to make it in to any other bird I
could , but kept coming back to only one answer Smiths Longspur , Wow!!!
and  in the G.T.A .!!!  the hole time I was looking at it , it was in
with the Horned larks.

Mississauga Road and can be reached tacking exit # 336 from the 401 and
going north  it’s a long drive up to #13694 its north of #7 hiway and
south of King st.(or regional rood 9) keep looking in all the fields the
birds keep leaving and coming back and at times flue behind the farmers
barn  .

csam at sympatico.ca

Craig McLauchlan <csam at sympatico.ca>

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