B.L Kittiwake and Gulls at Niagara Falls

A & K Williams williamsmusic at execulink.com
Thu Feb 7 19:02:30 EST 2002

I only had time for a very short, early morning look (7:30 a.m.) at the Adam
Beck Power Plant in Niagara Falls, Ontario lookout, but it was productive.
An adult Black Legged Kittiwake was pointed out to me by Dr. Kenneth Walton
(author of the all new "Annotated Bibliography of Ontario Ornithology").
After missing the Sabine's Gull that Dr. Walton noticed flying by, Lynn
Sayers and I had excellent looks at a Thayer's, second year Glaucous, at
least two Iceland, and the more populous G. Black Backed, Herring,
Bonaparte's, and Ring Billed Gulls. The sunlight in our lenses and the
distance made it unreasonable to positively identify the California Gull
across the river, but it was fun trying!

Directions: from St. Catarines take Q.E.W. to 405 and exit before you cross
the Queenston Lewiston bridge to New York. Turn right and stop at the
observation parking lot on your left a short distance South from the 405
exit (about 1 km?).

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