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Fri Feb 8 13:05:15 EST 2002

Thank you everyone for responding to my query regarding sick redpolls (and a
few siskins). And thanks to ontbirds for allowing me to post the message. I
have received many responses, and the problem is widespread. It seems to be

Bob Gray, Area Ecologist for MNR, Owen Sound forwarded useful information
from Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology. I won't summarize - following is the
web site for complete information.
  birdsource.cornell. edu/pfw/pfwnews/salmonel. htm (type this address
without the spaces)

Also from Dr.Bruce Hunter, Guelph:
It would be very valuable to have dead birds examined and the condition
confirmed. If possible, collect any dead birds (use rubber gloves) in
freezer bags and either bring them to Guelph or freeze them. The frozen
birds could then be shipped by courier (well wrapped in newspaper and
including a freezer pack or two). If they were sent on a Monday or Tuesday
we could be sure that they didn't get stuck over the weekend somewhere

If you need further suggestions you could call Dr. Doug Campbell at the
Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Lab at the Ontario Veterinary College.
Doug coordinates the wildlife necropsies and could help arrange things. His
telephone is 519-824-4120 (ask for Dr. Doug Campbell at the OVC). There is
no charge to you for the service.

Janet Grand
Bird House Nature Company

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