Lewis' Woodpecker, Wooler area

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> Subject: Lewis' Woodpecker, Wooler area
> The Lewis' woodpecker was seen by my wife and I and four others on Leavitt's
> Lane near Wooler today at 3:45 pm.  In the hour we were there it did not go
> to the suet feeders at #76.  We spotted it on a tree 100 yards to the west
> on the north side of the road.  It then went to a suet feeder at the first
> house on the corner of Teal road.  Thanks to all who have gone before and
> left great directions.
> Otto Peter
> petero at idirect.com
> Lewis' Woodpecker Directions (per Don Shanahan's posting)
> Wooler is located northeast of Brighton and is accessed by departing the 401
> at exit 522 and travelling northwest on county road 40.
> At Wooler, this road becomes county road 5. Drive through Wooler, where the
> road turns sharply to the right and shortly thereafter you will encounter
> St. Alphonsus Catholic Church (#118 on the north side of the road).
> Approximately .9 km past the church, you will find Teal Road where you turn
> right or south.
> Immediately, turn left on Leavitt Road (this is really a
> farm lane and isn't marked on the MapArt Ontario Road Atlas). All three
> homes on this road have feeders where the bird has been seen; however, it
> spends most of its time at the end of Leavitt Rd. at # 76. This is the home
> of Jean and Homer Leavitt who welcome birders with several provisos. The
> bird frequents feeders on the north side of the house and is very skittish
> (much like the Carman Road bird of June 2000). The Leavitts suggest that
> birders not proceed past the picnic table bearing the blue 911 sign with the
> number 76. The feeders are visible from this spot and the bird can be easily
> looked at with binoculars or scopes from here.
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