HawkOwl,Barred Owl,Bald Eagle, Northern Goshawk

John Bick jbick at sympatico.ca
Fri Feb 8 18:07:09 EST 2002

Hello Birders:
For those in the Kawartha Lakes who have not seen our local NORTHERN
it is still making daily appearances usually on Oliver's Road at Sunset
Ridge Farm ,often
perched in the Locust trees in the laneway. Today it was seen back in
its original area
on the s-turn of Anderson Line between Oliver's and Cosh's in a grove of
     Directions: From the corner of #36 and 49 in Bobcaygeon, come north

                      on 49 for 2kms. Turn left on Anderson Line and
drive west
                      to Oliver.Turn left...1/2 km on right.
Back at 177 Anderson Line, a NORTHERN GOSHAWK has been spotted a few
times in the last week swooping thro the Scots Pines and past the
Black squirrels seem to be disappearing ???
Also on Anderson Line this am, a mature BALD EAGLE was seen in the trees

above the new house on the left.

Late this aft I observed a BARRED OWL on a utility wire looking for
west of  Cosh's Road and County Rd 8 ( Road from Bobcaygeon to Fenelon
Falls..about 1 1/2 kms west of Bobcaygeon)

A big day for big birds in Bobcaygeon.

John Bick

John Bick <jbick at sympatico.ca>

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