Hagersville Smith's Longspur

Christopher J. Escott escott at mail.rosecom.ca
Fri Feb 8 18:36:05 EST 2002

The Smith's Longspur in Hagersville, the one on 2nd Line Road, was still
present today Friday 08-Feb-02. It first appeared around 8:00 a.m. on
the bare grassy patch of shoulder on the north-east side of the road,
about 100 m south-east of the small bridge, eating grit, on the edge of
but not part of a small flock of Snow Buntings. It stayed barely a
minute, flushed by a passing vehicle. A bitter wind blew in and the bird
did not reappear on the roadside. Around 11:00 a.m. a group of people
walked into the field to the north-east, to the weedy swale about 75 m
from the road, to the vicinity of a red pipe, and the bird was refound
feeding happily on weed seeds. It was alone, and hunkered down in weed
cover, so not an easy find. Once found, it could be studied closely by
scope. Also present this morning were one or two small flocks of Snow
Buntings, a number of Horned Larks in small groups, one Lapland
Longspur, and one Savannah Sparrow.

Directions, coming from the north-east (Hamilton/Toronto): Get on
Highway 6 towards Hagersville. Before reaching Hagersville, turn left
(south-east) onto 2nd Line Road (2nd concession road north of
Hagersville). The bird has been found in the grassy field on the
north-east side of the road, anywhere from the small bridge that is
about 200 m south-east of Highway 6, to perhaps 500 m further
south-east. If you are about 1/2 way between #6 and the high voltage
transmission lines to the east you are in the right location.
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