Jordan Stn.- King Eiders. Chippewa - Peregrine

Maris Apse apsemaris at
Fri Feb 8 20:51:48 EST 2002

Hi all!
     I decided to try for the 2 "good gulls" reported at Adam Beck early 
yesterday, but could find neither from 11:15am to 12:15pm - I only saw 4/5 
Iceland here(3 in scope at once). At the Queenston sand docks I had seen 2 
adult Little gulls with large #'s of Bonapartes.
     On my way from Oakville, I stopped at Jordan Stn. and the 2 King Eiders 
were easily spotted - the immature male never strayed from the female for 
5/10 mins. that I watched.
     Not much else of interest until Chippewa, when a Peregrine soared and 
then stooped - I did not witness if it was successful. Carried on to Ft. 
Erie  and saw  40+ Tundra Swans around Sideroad 6/7 - a few Canvasback and 
Redhead, 1 Ruddy and all 3 Mergansers.
    Unfortunately nothing to add to either list, but a pleasant day along 
the lakeshore and up the river to the other lake. Cheers!

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