Lewis's Woodpecker observed Feb.7 near Wooler

gerald w paul paul at king.igs.net
Sat Feb 9 10:11:59 EST 2002

Hi Birders:Shirley & Gerald Paul as well as three other observers watched
Lewis's Woodpecker for about five minutes near Wooler. It moved around a
hanging feeder, flew to a nearby tree then flew out of sight. Excellent
views were had by all with the help of scopes as well as binoculars.

Directions: Depart 401 at exit 522 and travel northwest on county road 40.
Drive through Wooler. Turn right at Teal Road and imediately left on Leavitt
Road. Continue to house 76 (end of road). View feeders from picnic table. Be

Gerald Paul, Kingston  paul at king.igs.net

"gerald w paul" <paul at king.igs.net>

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