Common Yellowthroat in Rondeau Park

Blake Mann boatmann at
Sat Feb 9 14:11:08 EST 2002

Hi all,
This morning I took a long walk out the Marsh Trail in Rondeau P. P.  It was
just like mid March with the weather and "water birds".  One of the better
birds I encountered was a COMMON YELLOWTHROAT along the trail where the
foundation for the new viewing tower is being built.  This is a good 20
minute walk from the parking lot.  Other birds included 5 Rough-legged
Hawks, 1 Harrier, 1 Bald Eagle (2nd yr.), about 25 Chickadees, 1 Marsh Wren,
2 carolina Wrens, and about 25 Song Sparrows.  Many of the Song Sp. were
paired up and some singing.  I also scared up 1 Great Horned Owl.  Hundreds
of Tundra Swans and Canada Geese were visible, as well as 20 Snow Geese (8
blue morph).  Ducks on this side of the Bay were mostly Mallard and Black
with a few Gadwall and Wigeon.  I noted there were well over 100 Black, and
in fact out-numbered the Mallards.  I then went over to Shrewbury, and found
the majority of diving ducks.  There were many thousands, mostly Redhead,
Canvasback, and both scaup.  Others were mixed in.  (for Shrewbury, head
down Communications Rd. off hwy 3 south of Blenheim, turn right at village
and go two blocks to Brock Rd. on left.  At the end of Brock there is a warf
where all the ducks can be viewed).  At Erieau Harbour were some Coots and
Ruddy ducks.
Blake   Mann,
Chatham-Kent, Ont.
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