Smith's Longspur - Hagersville, Ontario

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Sat Feb 9 14:34:32 EST 2002

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It took a couple of hours but the SMITH'S LONGSPUR finally showed around
10:00 today, Saturday, and was pretty much in constant view over at least
the next two hours.  The views were very good closer to noon as the bird
stayed put in the clumps of short weeds while birders maneuvered to get
better lighting.  I was able to clearly see white lesser wing coverts as the
bird pulled back its scapulars, indicating that the bird is indeed a male,
as speculated.  He was usually by himself, occasionally with Horned Larks.
The large flock of Snow Buntings were not seen this morning nor, I think,
were any Lapland Longspurs.  This bird is about 80 minutes west of Buffalo.

Although the bird will come to the road once in a while, it is usually
necessary to walk into the field.  A scope is pretty much essential unless
you are very lucky.  On the next concession to the north (Line 3), just east
of Hwy #6 we had an AMERICAN PIPIT.  On the next road to the north (Reg.
Road 29) we had over 60 RED-TAILED HAWKS concentrated around the offal at a
chicken farm (Sunnybrook Farms).  I have never seen hawks and crows amiably
eating side by side before!  Other birds seen in the same general area today

DIRECTIONS from the Peace Bridge in Buffalo:
Cross the bridge and travel west on Kings Hwy #3 through Port Colborne,
Dunnville, Cayuga, and the little hamlet of Decewsville to Nelles Corners
(roughly 75 minutes from Buffalo).  Beware of Regional Road #3 on the west
side of Port Colborne - you do NOT want that.  At Nelles Corners turn right
onto Regional Road #20 (there is a sign for Hagersville).  Take RR 20 about
five miles to Hagersville.  Hwy #6 is at the first traffic signal (Main
Street) in Hagersville - turn right (north), go past Tim Horton's on the
left (GREAT coffee), and proceed to the 2nd concession road (2nd line) and
turn right. The bird was seen in a grassy field on the north side of the
road, about 1/2 mile from Hwy #6.  It was associating with Horned Larks,
Snow Buntings, and Lapland Longspurs.

Good birding!
Willie D'Anna
Betsy Potter
Niagara Falls, N.Y.
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