Unidentified Gull (Western??) Hillman Marsh

Ware Dean peleeisbirder at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 9 16:11:57 EST 2002


Today at 1:45 I observed a gull different from the norm. The bird was with 3 
Great blacked backed Gulls.The size: the bird was not as large as the black 
backs but was a bit bigger than a Herring.The mantle/wings was the colour of 
a Lesser-black Backed Gull but a touch darker. The head large and limited 
brown speckling mostly around the eyes. The iris was clear.The bill was 
light in colour and somewhat heavy with having a dark tip seeming to have a 
definite 3rd year look to it. The wing: (primaries) where black similar to 
that of LBBG with only a single tiny white spot on the tips.The tail: was 
almost pure white with just a small peppering of brown for a tail band. 
lastly the feet: Pink similar to Herring.

I had little time to view this bird because of the resident Bald Eagles 
searching for food. I was a game of hide and seek!

The are a few thousand birds including 3 Glaucous two 1st yr. one adult.

Also Pintails, Wigeon, Gadwall. I sighted a pair of Green-winged Teal 
Jan.28.02 but have not seen them since. Also a D.C Cormorant at Wheatley 

Good Birding,

Dean Ware
Wheatley On.
peleeisbirder at hotmail.com

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"Ware Dean" <peleeisbirder at hotmail.com>

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