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Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2002 15:00:17 -0500
From: Roger Clark <erogclark at rogers.com>
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Cc: Roger Clark <erogclark at rogers.com>
Subject: Snowy Owls east of Ottawa

Hi Ontbirders,

The area just east of Casselman (bounded by Hwy 8 & Hwy 3 & including the
fields south of Ste-Rose) produced four Snowy Owls this morning (Saturday,
9 February), including one almost pure white male.

There were also several flocks of Snow Buntings, a few Horned Larks, & 5
Pine Grosbeaks).

Another Snowy Owl was seen north of Vars, west of Frank Kenny Road near the
junction with Wall Road.

Roger Clark
(613) 521-2623.

"Roger Clark" <erogclark at rogers.com>

Mike Street <mikestreet at hwcn.org>

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