Possible American bittern

David Bailey whaler at sympatico.ca
Sun Feb 10 00:30:11 EST 2002

Today, February 9, I observed what I believe to be an AMERICAN BITTERN,
flying over the west end of the Toronto Island airport. The bird was not
close and I had no binoculars with me, but the general appearance and flight
pattern did not match any other (possibly expected) species such as D. C.
cormorant, B. C. night heron, Great blue heron, or Canada goose. The bird
flew in the general direction of Centre Island. Any birders visiting the
islands may wish to keep an eye out for this bird.

To reach the Toronto Islands, a ferry service leaves from the southern end
of Bay Street. To reach the airport, a ferry leaves from the foot of
Bathurst St., however as most of this is a security area little viewing is

David Bailey
Toronto, Ontario
whaler at sympatico.ca

"David Bailey" <whaler at sympatico.ca>

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