Hamilton to Niagara Falls

Mike Boyd boydm at uoguelph.ca
Sun Feb 10 01:44:02 EST 2002

Dear Fellow Birders 

I started my late day of birding at LaSalle Marina today and ended up with some 
nice species there, 1 female Surf Scoter, 1 Ring-necked Duck, Coots, Trumpeter 
and Tundra Swans, 1 Redhead, and many Canvasbacks. Next stop was the CCIW 
however the only good birds there were 3 female Hooded Mergansers. Windermere 
Basin had a few nice birds with at least 4 Cormorants, and at least a few Ruddy 
Ducks. After that I tried for the Eiders at Jordon Harbour however all that I 
managed to find were White-winged and 1 Black Scoter, 1 female Hooded Merganser 
and several Redheads. I then stopped by the Queenston Boat Ramp and turned up 
at least 2 Little Gulls amongst the many Bonaparte's, I have a feeling that 
there were a few more but was not able to get a accurate count. Adam Beck was 
quite fruitful with 1 adult Thayer's Gull, 1 California Gull (sitting on the 
rocks on the American side), 2 imm Iceland Gull, 1 adult Kumlien's Gull, and 1 
adult Glacous Gull. The last stop was then at Dufferin Islands I had 1 adult 
male Wood Duck, and on the breakwater in the river across from the islands I 
managed to pull out 2 adult Lesser Black-backed Gulls, with A LOT of Great 
Black-backed Gulls. So in total I managed to get 10 species of gulls, and 20+ 
species of waterfowl.

Mike Boyd
Guelph, Ontario

LaSalle Marina - Exit the 403 at Waterdown Rd and follow this south to the very 

CCIW - Exit the QEW at Eastport Drive and follow this to the first lights and 
make a right then another immediate right onto a dirt road where you can park.

Windermere Basin - Exit 90 on the QEW and follow Eastport Rd west then turn 
left onto South Gateway and they are on your left hand side.

Jordon Harbour - Exit 55 on the QEW and go north to the North Service Road and 
proceed west to the Best Western Hotel which overlooks the harbour.

Queenston Boat Ramp - From the Niagara Parkway in Queenston, turn on Dumfries 
St then follow down dirt road to the boat ramp.

Adam Beck - Follow the Niagara Parkway through the Adam Beck Power Plant and 
park on the side of the road.

Dufferin Islands - Follow the Niagara Parkway just south of Niagara Falls, it 
is on the right hand side and there is a sign in front.
Mike Boyd <boydm at uoguelph.ca>

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