Pine Grosbeaks - Newmarket

Ronald J. Fleming ronaldj..fleming at
Sun Feb 10 14:50:20 EST 2002

Accompanied by my children on a hot chocolate safari through the heart
of old Newmarket this morning, I was pleased to happen upon a flock of
26 Pine Grosbeaks just west of Fairy Lake.  Poorly backlit, the flock
appeared to consist of just females and juveniles.  They flew off to the
Towercrest/Roywood neighbourhood as we passed by.

Newmarket is straight north of Toronto, halfway between T.O. and
Barrie.  The Fairy Lake area is in the south part of town, east of Yonge
Street and north of Mulock Road.

Ron Fleming, Newmarket

"Ronald J. Fleming" <ronaldj..fleming at>

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