Bobcaygeon Hawk Owl and Algonquin Park Saturday

Tyler Hoar thoar at
Sun Feb 10 12:47:10 EST 2002

Michael Orf and Myself decided to go the opposite direction of the Longspur

The Hawk Owl was sitting in an Elm tree about 150m west of Oliver line

Directions: From the corner of #36 and 49 in Bobcaygeon, come north
on 49 for 2kms. Turn left on Anderson Line and drive west to Oliver.Turn
left...1/2 km on right.

To continue on to Algonquin go back to 49 and turn left(N) follow it till it
reaches 121. Turn right on 121 and follow it till it ends on hwy 35 at
Minden. Then follow 35 to its end at highway 60 and turn right towards the

Algonquin Park

The weather was great and the woods mostly silent. With approximately 1.5-2
feet of light snow on the ground.
Gray Jays 11( 3-spruce Bog trail, 1- Visitor Center, and 7 along Opeongo
road from the gate to 1.5 km past the gate.)
Boreal Chickadee 6 ( 2- spruce Bog trail, 2 Arowhon Road, 2 Opeongo Road
1.5km past the gate)
Blue Jays: 2 at visitor center
Woodpeckers: only 5 Hairy woodpeckers mostly in the west gate area.
Common Redpolls:  78 at visitor center, 26 along Opeongo Road
Pine Grosbeaks:  8 at west gate, 5 at Arowhon Road, 7 at visitor center, 12
at Opeongo road past the gate.
No luck with Spruce Grouse and Black-backed Woodpecker and we really looked
for both.

Tyler Hoar

"Tyler Hoar" <thoar at>

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