Three-Toed Woodpecker

Henry Buckhalter henbuck at
Sun Feb 10 15:11:29 EST 2002

Yesterday afternoon afternoon, My wife and I visited Amherst Island for
the first time and were very dissapointed at not discovering any owls of
any kind, however our trip was made worth while by sighting a
NorthernThree-Toed Woodpecker at Owl Woods. I was quite close to it. Has
anyone else witnessed this bird ?
Downy and Hairy Woodpeckers were easily spotted as well as Brown
Creeper, White Breasted
Nuthatch, Purple Finch, American Tree Sparrow, a million and one
Chickadees, Red Breasted
Mergansers and Red Tailed Hawks
Amherst Island is 16 km west of Kingston.  Take exit # 593 from Highway
401, proceed south on County Road  #4 (formerly Highway 133) to
Millhaven on Lake Ontario - the ferry dock is 200m west on Hwy. 33 (Bath
Road).   A round-trip costs $5.00.  The ferry leaves every hour on the
half-hour from 6:30 am onward.
To get to the "Owl Woods" after getting off the ferry:  take the first
left (east), drive 3 km along the north shore road (Front Road) to the
first southbound road called Marshall 40 foot Road (directly across the
road from the 2320 sign).  Proceed 1.3 km south to the S-curve.  Walk
north-east on the trails.

Henry Buckhalter
North York

Henry Buckhalter <henbuck at>

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