Why Chase Birds ?

Irene Woods irenethebirder at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 10 19:45:24 EST 2002

Birder's  : After reading Richard's earlier email, [ I feel so sorry
for his group, having travelled so far ], I feel I must express my
disappointment with the behaviour of some of our fellow birder's,
who have been visiting the Smith's Longspur. First , let me say that
my group travelled 500km. to see this bird, with great success !
We were there Feb. 7th, as were 10 to 14 other carloads. Everyone
saw the bird at varying distances---myself only 10m. from the car.
With my scope----this was perfect! My point is this: not one person
during this time----left the shoulder of the road---and still they
had great views !!!!!
Now, my question is this :Why are others of you, leaving the roadside
and chasing the bird about in the field ?What are you hoping to
accomplish ? Other birders have given you good descriptions---you have
seen it----must you continue to harass the bird ?
If everyone had stayed in their cars, or at least on the roadside,the
bird no doubt would be showing itself more regularly----and even
coming to the roadside for grit. Earlier reports asked you politely
to sit in the car----and let the bird come to you!  This was an
excellent suggestion   ----too bad some of you just could not resist.
  Next time:::::: Put yourself in the bird's shoe----how would you feel?
                                   Irene Woods

Irene  Woods
Blenheim, Ont.
Chatham-Kent Municipality
irenethebirder at hotmail.com

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