Hamilton to Niagara Falls

Mike Boyd boydm at uoguelph.ca
Mon Feb 11 00:01:58 EST 2002

Dear Fellow Birders

Today the wildlife club from the University of Guelph had a field trip from 
Hamilton to Niagara Falls. Before we left we checked for the Pine Grosbeaks and 
had 12 of them just south of Gordon St and College St (glad to hear that our 
sightings were of help!). Then we were off to LaSalle Marina and our best birds 
there were 2 White-fronted Geese that were seen and heard flying over. Also 
seen were Trumpeter and Tundra Swans, Coots, 1 Cormorant, both Scaup, Redhead, 
Canvasback, and 2 Female Hooded Mergansers. After that we stopped at Windermere 
Basin and found 1 Shoveller, 100+ Ruddy Ducks, and 4-5 Cormorants. We then 
tried Sayers Park and found 1 Surf Scoter, 1 Black Scoter, and many White-
winged Scoter, as well as a Mockingbird. Then at the next street east of Green 
Rd (sorry I forget the name of this street) we had more of all three Scoters. 
After this we tried for the King Eiders in Jordon Harbour but had no luck, with 
only Redhead and Scaup present. A quick stop at the mouth of the Niagara River 
produced a few White-winged Scoters. Then at the Queenston Boat Docks at least 
2 Little Gulls were seen amongst the thousands of Bonaparte's. Adam Beck was 
very productive with at least one adult and 1 imm. Thayer's Gulls, many 
Icelands of all ages (including at least 1 adult Kumlien's Gull), and several 
Lesser Black-backed Gulls as well, and 1 imm Glacous Gulls was seen as well. 
Next was onto Niagara Falls were we found 5 Wigeon and 1 Cormorant near the 
base of the falls, and across the road from the Greenhouse was a Lincoln's 
Sparrow. We then tried for the Wood Duck and Green-winged Teal at Dufferin 
Islands, but the water level was greatly raised since yesterday and they were 
not seen.

Mike Boyd 


University of Guelph - Take exit 299 off the 401 and go north, the university 
is on both sides of Gordon St between Stone Rd and College St.

LaSalle Park - Exit the 403 in west Burlington at Waterdown Rd and follow this 
south to the end.

Windermere Basin - Exit 90 on the QEW and follow Eastport Rd west then turn 
left onto South Gateway and they are on your left hand side.

Sayers Park etc. - Exit the QEW at Centennial Parkway and follow this east to 
Grays Rd and check the lake at the ends of the roads east of here that allow 
access to the lake.

Jordon Harbour - Exit 55 on the QEW and go north to the North Service Road and 
proceed west to the Best Western Hotel which overlooks the harbour.

Niagara River etc - All of the spots along the Niagara River can be accessed 
from the Niagara Parkway which parallels the Niagara River, except the 
Queenston Boat Ramp, which you turn onto Dumfries St and this then leads to a 
dirt road leading down to the boat ramps.
Mike Boyd <boydm at uoguelph.ca>

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