First singing Cardinal of the year!

eve ticknor sandbird at
Mon Feb 11 23:16:09 EST 2002

on 2/11/02 3:44 PM, Mike Street at mikestreet at wrote:

> For those tired of winter:
> Despite -6C temperatures the neighbourhood Cardinal thought this
> afternoon'd bright sunlight was pretty nice and sounded off with half a
> call. It won't be long now. Here they come!
> Mike
> Mike Street
> Ancaster, Ontario, Canada
> mikestreet at
> Mike Street <mikestreet at>
We have had at least 2 Cardinals in Ottawa that I know of who have been
singing for over a week now......

-Eve Ticknor
Coordinator, OFNC Peregrine Falcon Watch
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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"use the talents you possess,
for the woods would be silent
if no birds sang except the best"

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