Fox Sparrow near Port Hope

Geale, John jgeale at
Tue Feb 12 07:53:34 EST 2002

We first saw a Fox Sparrow at our place on Feb. 7, and again very briefly on
the next day. However, perhaps it is staying around, as it was seen again on
Feb. 10 and 11. 
Hwy 401 to exit 464 (Port Hope); north on County Rd. (formerly Hwy.) 28
about 8 km to Hamilton Twp. 6th Line; east 2.5 km to the only nearby house
on the north side of the road (GEALE on mailbox, but name only visible from
the east). The bird was under the cedar hedge to the east of the house or
under the largish cedar clump just northeast of the house. Early morning
seems to be a favourable time. Very shy and inconspicuous, as is the
White-throated Sparrow seen sometimes in the same spots. Birders welcome.
Apologies for the late posting - I had my computer settings wrong.

John Geale
Port Hope, ON
"Geale, John" <jgeale at>

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