Kingston Field Naturalists Regional Sightings for Week Ending Feb. 12, '02

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Tue Feb 12 14:14:27 EST 2002

This report to the OntBirds system is based on sightings from the Kingston
Region that have been brought to the compiler's attention over the past

Map Page numbers and location Quadrants noted in square brackets [...] below
are for named sites. They refer to the MapArt Publishing "Ontario Road
Atlas, 2000 Edition".

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locations requiring more detail, refer to MapArt "Deluxe Street Atlas of
Eastern & Northern Ontario, 1st Edition"

The text of the Feb. 12, '02  KFN Sightings, from the KFN Phone Line
Announcement follows:

AMHERST I. [page 36, quad E54 & 55]

Owen Weir of Napanee reported on Feb. 10th, 3 SNOWY OWLS, 19 ROUGH-LEGGED
and 5 RED-TAILED HAWKS, 3 Kestrel and 3 N. HARRIERS. and one immature BALD
EAGLE. On Feb. 9, I spotted 9 SNOWY OWLS & 1 BARROW'S GOLDENEYE at the Ferry
dock on this side (north?).

Henry Buckhalter of N. York reported on Feb. 10: "Yesterday afternoon, My
wife and I visited Amherst Island for the first time and were very
disappointed at not discovering any owls of any kind, however our trip was
made worth while by sighting a  THREE-TOED WOODPECKER at Owl Woods. I was
quite close to it. Has anyone else witnessed this bird?
DOWNY and HAIRY WOODPECKERS were easily spotted as well as BROWN CREEPER,

Alex Scott reported on Feb. 9,:   "There are still 2 SAW-WHET OWLS in the
Owl Woods. I now believe these are the same two that have been there all
winter although they have changed their locations and are now roosting
relatively close to each other. There's no sign of any in the Cedar Woods
now, and both have moved to the east margin of the Pine Woods. The number of
LONG-EARED OWLS seems to be on the increase now though with 6 in the Cedar
Woods today and yesterday and at least 1 more in the Pines.  At least 6
SNOWY OWLS on the east end of the Island, at least 2 of which are very nice,
almost totally white, adult males. There were also at least 6 SHORT-EARED
OWLS on the east end across from the KFN property and several more down
along the south shore towards the road to the ferry.

Alex Scott's Directions:
Amherst Island is 16 km west of Kingston. Take exit # 593 from Highway 401,
proceed south on County Road #4 (formerly Highway 133) to Millhaven on Lake
Ontario - the ferry dock is 200m west on Hwy. 33 (Bath Road). A round-trip
costs $5.00. The ferry leaves Millhaven every hour on the half-hour from
6:30 am onward. The return trip leaves Stella on the hour.

To get to the "Owl Woods" after getting off the ferry: take the first left
(east), drive 3 km along the north shore road (Front Road) to the first
southbound road called Marshall 40 foot Road (directly across the road from
the 2320 sign). Proceed 1.3 km south to the S-curve. Walk
northeast on the trails. (Beware of killer Chickadees - Bring sunflower
seeds for hand feeding).

WOLFE I. [page 35, quad E56 & E57]
No Reports


At Cartwright Point, the pair of CAROLINA WRENS were seen and heard close to
#14 The Point Road on Feb. 11 and on Feb. 12, a small flock of 20 C.
REDPOLLS accompanied by a frosty lone male (exilpes) HOARY REDPOLL.

Compiled by Bob Sachs, Kingston ON
<rsachs at>

"Robert Sachs" <rsachs at>

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