Wild Turkeys west of Renfrew - are any other Ontbirders in the area?

His Mansion Ministries Ontario hismansion at renfrew.net
Wed Feb 13 19:51:17 EST 2002

There were 8 wild turkeys in a field approximately 10 km east of Renfrew.
They were within 80 feet of the road, but time did not allow for a close
look to determine age, sex, etc.
I thought to post this in spite of the fact that they're not exactly rare
(just uncommon - actually, I was able to add them to my "winter list"), and
also for the fact that I don't believe there are any other Ontbird
subscribers within 40 km (if you are, let me know).

 Directions -The turkeys were along Humphries Rd. Travel west (toward the
Ottawa River) along Castleford Rd. (CR 20) from the lights at Hwy 17.
Humphries Rd. is the 5th  road on the right (just before the road drops down
to the river - you will be able to see the valley from the intersection).
Turn onto Humphries Rd (right), and follow it along for approx. 3 km -
around the bend, down the hill, and around the first S-curve (Rough Legged
Hawk, Northern Shrike, and Snow Bunting have been seen along here this
winter). The birds were in the field opposite the old gravel pit - if you go
around the second S-curve, you've gone to far. You can also access Humphries
Rd from River Rd (CR 1), where the road crosses the Bonnechere River.

Jason Miller
Castleford Rd, Horton Township, Renfrew County
hismansion at renfrew.net

"His Mansion Ministries Ontario" <hismansion at renfrew.net>

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