Chatham Peregrine

ross snider ross_snider at
Tue Feb 12 20:52:18 EST 2002

Hi Ontbirders,
   The Peregrine Falcon, ( "Hal" hatched in Hamilton last May) is now flying 
the hopefully friendly skies of Chatham again.  He was picked up this 
morning from the Tamarack Raptor Rehab. Centre  by Pud Hunter of the M.N.R. 
in Aylmer, transported to Chatham and releasedon the outskirts of town.  
Apparently a beautiful  release.  He flew several hundred metres into a tree 
and landed , then went for a fly, scaring up Pigeons, Starlings etc. then 
back into the tree.  Good luck Hal!

   We intially felt that Hal had  collided with something.  However, we had 
been puzzled about 3 scabby little bumps  each roughly a millimetre around.  
Two on one  toe of the left foot and one on a toe of the right foot.  I also 
had to hand feed Hal for most of his stay at Tamarack until  the last few 
days.  The "scabby bumps" and his lack of appetite could well be the result 
of being eletrocuted.  These are symptoms  and this may well be the answer 
to his initial distress.

Ross Snider
Tamarack Raptor Rehab. Centre
Ingersoll, Ont.

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