Goshawk Pair - Newmarket

Ronald J. Fleming ronaldj..fleming at sympatico.ca
Wed Feb 13 16:15:52 EST 2002

When it came to choosing a place to cross-country ski today, I
remembered having great looks at a Northern Goshawk in the North Tract
of the York Regional Forests while skiing there ten winters ago, so I
drove out there to practice my skating technique (are you listening,
Salt Lake City?)  During one of my many pauses for oxygen, I heard a
raptor calling, but I couldn't be sure which species it was.  Luckily,
the bird flushed and flew to a perch not far from me.  It was a large
Northern Goshawk, so I guessed it might be a female.  It continued to
call and was answered in shorter responses by another.  I moved a short
distance into the hardwood bush and the second bird flew into view.
Slightly smaller, I presume it was the male mate.  Both birds appeared
agitated, as if I'd approached a nesting site.  Is it possible that
these birds were defending a nesting site this early in the year, or
were they merely being territorial?  E-mail me privately if you have
more experience with this species.

 This forest tract is straight east from Newmarket and is often called
"the Vivian Forest".  It is most easily accessed by driving a few kms
north of Mulock/Vivian Road along Hwy. 48 out of Markham.  The laneway
into the woods is on the west side of the road.  For more specific
directions, contact me by replying to this post.

Ron Fleming, Newmarket

"Ronald J. Fleming" <ronaldj..fleming at sympatico.ca>

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