Newmarket Goshawk field mark question

Ronald J. Fleming ronaldj..fleming at
Wed Feb 13 17:32:41 EST 2002

Just a quick note on field marks of this species:  I was once again
impressed by the remarkably extensive white on the flanks of these
birds, especially the male.  In flight, the fealthering on the flanks
came up and around so far that the bird almost appeared white-rumped.
Last year I observed a large juvenile accipiter with these same marks
and sent out a query from this site.  I received several responses (and
thank you to all who e-mailed me, by the way), but not all of them were
in agreement, so I will pose it in a different way this year.  Is this
extensive white feathering specific to the Northern Goshawk or is it a
field mark shared by all three of the accipiters?  If you have had some
experience observing accipiters and have some comments, please e-mail me

Ron Fleming

"Ronald J. Fleming" <ronaldj..fleming at>

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