Ottawa Gray Partridges, Red-tails, Northern Shrike

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Fri Feb 15 23:07:23 EST 2002

Hi Ontbirders,

There has been a small band of gray partridges (8 or 9) frequenting the same
neighborhood in Barrhaven (Greenbank and Fallowfield area) for a couple of
weeks, although I didn't get the report until yesterday.  They are being
seen several times a day.  As they are on private property, I suggest you
don't go on it without permission.  They should be visible from the street.

There is a pair of Red-tailed Hawks setting up house again at the
intersection of Fallowfield and Cedarview.  There is a cedar grove on the
northeast corner of that intersection, with last year's nest on the west
side of the trees and the hawks on the east side.  Today they were about 6
inches apart!

Also today I saw a Northern Shrike on Moodie Dr, just north of Brophy.


Partridges:  20 Barnstable Dr.  Take Wolfgang Dr south off Fallowfield (just
east of intersection with Greenbank).  Turn onto Fieldgate and then left
onto Barnstable.  If coming along Greenbank, turn east onto Foxfield, just
south of Fallowfield.  Turn left on Wolfgang and continue as above.

Red-tails: This intersection is the next set of lights west of Greenbank and

Shrike:  Follow Moodie Dr south , passing Barnsdale.  Shortly before Brophy
(the end of Moodie) the shrike was on a tree on the west side of Moodie.

Fallowfield can be reached from the 416, or off Prince of Wales south of
Hunt Club Rd.

Cheers, Eve

-Eve Ticknor
Coordinator, OFNC Peregrine Falcon Watch
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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"use the talents you possess,
for the woods would be silent
if no birds sang except the best"

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