Amherst Island - Return of the Goshawk

Alex & Karen akscott at
Sat Feb 16 23:51:37 EST 2002

Didn't have a chance to do a thorough search of the woods today but we
did locate 2 SAW-WHET OWLS, one in an isolated red cedar tree just
beyond the benches where the feeders are.  Found only 1 SAW-WHET in the
Pines so it's unclear whether this was a migrant or one of the regulars
a bit further afield than usual.

There were still 2 LONG-EARED OWLS in the Cedar Woods but none in the
white pine where they have been regular lately.  There were also at
least 3 more in the Pines, all single individuals.  In addition to the
LONG-EARED kill mentioned this morning there were two more in the Pines
bringing to 3 the number of LONG-EARED OWLS killed in the past 2 days
and 13 this winter.  No sightings of the NORTHERN GOSHAWK though as far
as I know.

There were at least 6 SNOWY OWLS on the drive around the east end of the
Island.  No SHORT-EARED OWLS in evidence today however.  There were
still about 50 TUNDRA SWANS at the north east corner of the Island along
with good numbers of ducks including some COMMON MERGANSERS today too.

Lots of hawks in evidence especially RED-TAILED and ROUGH-LEGGED HAWKS
with half a dozen AMERICAN KESTRELS.  At about 3 pm I counted no less
that 15 hawks in the fields just to the east of the village of Stella.

Amherst Island is 16 km west of Kingston.  Take exit # 593 from Highway
401, proceed south on County Road  #4 (formerly Highway 133) to
Millhaven on Lake Ontario - the ferry dock is 200m west on Hwy. 33 (Bath
Road).   A round-trip costs $5.00.  The ferry leaves every hour on the
half-hour from 6:30 am onward.

To get to the "Owl Woods" after getting off the ferry:  take the first
left (east), drive 3 km along the north shore road (Front Road) to the
first southbound road called Marshall 40 foot Road (directly across the
road from the 2320 sign).  Proceed 1.3 km south to the S-curve.  Walk
north-east on the trails.  (Beware of killer Chickadees - Bring
sunflower seeds for hand feeding if at all possible!)

Alex. Scott
Karen Fleming

Alex & Karen <akscott at>

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