Geoff Carpentier geoffcarpentier at rogers.com
Fri Mar 22 22:56:53 EST 2002

Durham Region staff have advised that they are prepared to recommend that we
have access to the lagoons this year. The decision must still go to Finance
Committee for ratification, but it looks promising that it will be passed

Now the tricky part ... the Region has decided that a permit system will be
put in place, with waivers, and a user fee will apply ... they want to
purchase a separate insurance policy specifically for birders and the user
fee would cover the cost of the policy. The cost per birder will depend on
how many people will commit to buying a permit. The base cost is $1200.00.
That means that if 100 people commit, each will have to pay $12.00. If more
or less apply, you can do the math. They are unrelenting in this, so we must
work within this framework.

What I need NOW is a statement of interest ... I need to know how many
people would like to go to the lagoons this year and who would be willing to
pay for a permit.  I realize you don't know how much it will be, and I won't
hold you to buying a permit as that's not my business, but I will provide a
definite number to the Durham folks based on the response .... Please email
me THIS WEEKEND and tell me of your interest.  The number of respondents
will determine the potential individual cost. PLEASE DON'T PUT THIS OFF ...
pls ask your friends who do not have email or are not members of LISTSERV or
OntBirds and tell me of their interest as well. Your reply email must tell
me how many people you are responding for pls.

Clubs will not have to pay the fee, if the club has its own liability
insurance and if the members are there as part of an organized outing.  Club
members who are travelling on their own must pay the individual fee.

I'll let you know the results of this weekend's survey and will tell you
more about the permit system and access rules as soon as everything is

The good news is that if the cost can be shared we can all bird at Port
Perry once again ... one last thought, are any clubs willing to put up some
money as a donation that can be applied to the overall policy cost and
thereby reduce what each individual has to pay???

Geoff Carpentier
Ajax, Ontario

"Geoff Carpentier" <geoffcarpentier at rogers.com>

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