RARE - European Goldfinch - Ottawa

david lambert david at ddcl.demon.co.uk
Mon Mar 25 15:08:54 EST 2002

Yes it is a Goldfinch, I'm a British birder and I can confirm it is a
European Goldfinch, age and sex impossible to tell from the picture

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>HI Ontbirders!
>Last week on March 19 or 20, 2002 I went to strathcona park in Ottawa.  I 
>saw a bird way up in a tree that I couldn't recognize.  I took a picture of 
>it with my telephoto.
>I posted the pictures on my homepage at http://jamiespence.myknet.org
>I have already asked Id frontiers and have had two people tell me it is 
>probably a EUROPEAN GOLDFINCH Carduelis carduelis. I don't know how rare 
>this is but I have never seen one.
>Alain Fosse in France told me to go to this website and compare the images 
>to mine. http://membres.lycos.fr/digimages/chaele/chaele.htm
>If anyone else has any suggestions, please email me.
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David Darrell-Lambert
david lambert <david at ddcl.demon.co.uk>

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