FIVE Greater White-Fronted Geese in Harrington

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Wed Mar 27 17:59:58 EST 2002

This afternoon my brother and I headed down to Harrington to try and
find the Greater White-fronted Geese reported there.  We were succesful
in finding them from the ducks unlimited dike on Line 31, just west of
Harrington.  To our surprise there were five birds along the far side of
the water, with mallards and pintails.  We both agreed that their bills
did seem quite orange as Pete Read had mentioned, however we did not see
the birds bellies or legs as they were in the water the whole time.
Also around the area were Turkey Vultures, Hooded Mergansers and 2
Eastern Bluebirds.

Directions (thanks to Pete Read)
To get to Harrington (Harrington West according to SW Ontario Mapart
map) from points west, come south or north on Oxford Rd 119, (19th
line), from the town of Thamesford at County Rd 2 (Dundas Rd) in the
south (rd 119 connects with the 401 further south at the Ingersol
turnoff, interchange #218),  or Highway #7 near St. Mary's from the
north. Either way, when you get to Uniondale, turn east onto Cty Rd 28,
which is Gregory Rd. Go east 4 concessions to Line 29, turn north and
end up at the bridge over the Wildwood lake. Looking east, the flock can
be seen hanging out near the point of land off the north side of the
water. Or if not, go back to Gregory and continue one more road to the
east and turn north on Line 31 (they count roads by 2s in that neck of
the woods) Travel to the bridge, this time looking west or east from
there, to find the large flock. As already mentioned they may be feeding
out in fields. One spot is to go back to Gregory Rd and go another road
to the east, if you can count by 2s also, you will have realized this
road will be Line 33. When you are about a km north on this road, you
will find a large pasture field on the east side, where the flock was

To get there from points east, if you are coming along on the 401, get
off at the interchange #222, county road 6, just past the Woodstock
Service Centre. Head north on this road (Foldens) through to County Rd
28, Gregory Road, passing through villages like Cody's Corners, Embro,
Youngsville and finally Brookside. From the intersection with 28
(Gregory), head west to Harrington. Just as you get to the village, you
get to Line 33, where the birds were seen in a pasture field about a km
north on Line 33, on the east side. If you continue west on Gregory
through Harrington to Line 31, head north to the bridge over the
south-east end of Wildwood Lake for a view east and west. Or try looking
off the bridge on the next road west on Gregory, on Line 29. If you are
coming along highway 7 from Stratford, you should take Perth Cty Rd 113
south, which becomes Oxford cty 6 at the village of Fairview at the
intersection with Perth-Oxford Rd. Then go west when you get to Gregory.
Follow the same directions as you go west.

Mike Burrell
Heidelberg, Ont.
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