Pectoral Sandpipers at Aylmer lagoons

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Fri Mar 29 12:26:50 EST 2002

Pectoral Sandpipers at Aylmer Lagoons
March 29, 2002

This morning at Aylmer lagoons there were two PECTORAL SANDPIPERS at the
4th pond feeding with Killdeer and one American Pipit along the water's
edge.  Also present were 12 species of ducks including over 100 N. Pintail
and 80 Tundra Swans.

At Aylmer Wildlife Management Area there were still 800+ Tundra Swans and 2
Snow Geese (white phase).  A Northern Shrike was being pestered by a Blue
Jay, several robins and half a dozen Red-winged Blackbirds.

This may be the last weekend for large numbers of Tundra Swans.  The Rotary
Club puts out corn for them so they usually linger longer here than
elsewhere.  Usually they clear out in the first week of April except for
birds in poor health.

Directions to Aylmer Wildlife Management Area:
Aylmer WMA is about 20 minutes south of the Aylmer exit at  Hwy 401.  From
Hwy 401 take Exit 203 (Elgin Road) south towards Aylmer.   In Elgin County
south of Harrietsville Elgin Road becomes Imperial Road.  Continue south on
Imperial Road to Ron McNeil Line (Cty Rd 52) and turn left (east).  Turn
right (south)  from Ron McNeil Line onto  Hacienda Road and drive south to
the south end of the Ontario Police College property.  Turn left into Aylmer
WMA and  drive to the viewing stands.  

Directions from Aylmer WMA to Aylmer SP
>From the WMA entrance drive south on Hacienda Road to Glencolin.  Turn right
and drive west to Rodgers Road, the first road west of  Imperial Road
(former Hwy 73).  Turn left (south) and drive about 1 km to the north gate
of the  SP.  

Dave Martin and Linda Wladarski
Harrietsville, Elgin County, ON
dave.martin at

Dave Martin <dave.martin at>

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