Eared Grebe near Long Point

Steven Rowe deyrowe at sympatico.ca
Fri Mar 29 19:52:24 EST 2002

Today (Friday) we explored Big Creek Marsh and Long Point. South of the west
end of Hastings Drive on Lake Erie there was an Eared Grebe in winter
plumage. After a few minutes it flew to the pond north of Hastings Drive.
We also saw many Tundra Swans in farm fields and from the causeway to Long
Point, two Sandhill Cranes in Big Creek Marsh, and five more flying over the
lookout on Lakeshore Road at Turkey Point.

Steve Rowe and Wendy Dey

Long Point is near Port Rowan. To reach Hastings Drive, drive south along
the causeway on Long Point Road. When you reach an intersection, Hastings
Drive is on the right.

"Steven Rowe" <deyrowe at sympatico.ca>

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