Surf Scoters/waterfowl at Rondeau

Blake Mann boatmann at
Sat Mar 30 12:44:54 EST 2002

Hi birders,
There remains an astounding number of ducks in and around Rondeau.  Largest
concentrations are at Erieau behind the houses.  Pick you vantage point
there.  Behind the Anchor Inn is a good spot.  Redhead and scaup are the
most numerous, and today I noticed large numbers of Wigeon, all over the
Bay.  East of Rondeau Park along Rd. 17 towards Morpeth, there are thousands
of scaup.  Mixed in are a number of Surf Scoters, maybe up to 40, mostly
breeding-plumaged males.  Its been a while since I've seen scoters.  At the
Rondeau Park ramp, just inside the gate, I noted several hundred Wigeon.
There are still a number of Little Gulls on the Bay.  I noted 3 at Erieau
dock this morning.  Horned Grebes (some coming into breeding plumage) were
around last weekend, but I didn't notice any today.

To get to Erieau, get off of Hwy 401 at interchange 90 and go to
Blenheim.  From Blenheim, take the Talbot Trail/Chatham-Kent Rd 3 (formerly
Hwy 3) west towards Leamington. After about 3 km, turn left (south) on
Rd.12 to Erieau. Once you get into Erieau, keep to the right and follow the
main, one-way road all the way to the pier.

Blake   A.  Mann,
Chatham-Kent, Ont.
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