Amherst Island

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Sat Mar 30 23:25:11 EST 2002

A very brief and cursory look at the Owl Woods revealed at least 1
SAW-WHET OWL and a couple of LONG-EARED OWLS to be present still.  There
was also a fresh LONG-EARED OWL kill as well as at least one older one.
Just as I was leaving, a GOSHAWK flushed from a clump of white cedars.
I didn't get a good look at it but it appeared to a lot lighter in
colour than the one I have seen previously so it may be a different one
than has been here most of the winter.

Also present in the woods were quite a few GOLDEN-CROWNED KINGLETS and a

SNOWY OWLS are still present in good numbers.  There were at least 3
around the village of Stella, and several more in the KFN property at
the east end of the Island.  There was also at least 1 SHORT-EARED OWL
there as well.  Still lots of hawks, especially ROUGH-LEGGED and

As in Belleville, at least one of the resident OSPREYS has returned and
is spending most of its time near the nesting platform.  Also present at
the KFN property were several GREAT BLUE HERONS and several TREE
SWALLOWS as well as numerous KILLDEER and MEADOWLARKS.

Amherst Island is located at the east end of Lake Ontario just west of

Alex. Scott

"Alex." <akscott at>

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