Lesser Black-backed Gull - Perth County

Peter Kotanen pkotanen at credit.erin.utoronto.ca
Sun Mar 31 10:21:30 EST 2002

Yesterday (March 30) around noon a Lesser Black backed Gull was present in
a group of Herring and (mostly) Ring-billed Gulls in a pond in a flooded
field about 150m north of Road 86 and just west of Perth Road 171 in Perth
County. Also present in the pond were numerous Pintails, Mallards, and
earlier in the day, about a dozen Tundra Swans. The LBB was active and
squabbling with other gulls, but was present at this location for at least
an hour, and was there when we left. It occasionally was quite close to the
road, and easily visible.

This site is between Listowel and Molesworth on Perth Line 86 (formerly
Highway 86). The pond in question is NOT the small one visible from 86, but
is easily visible if you go north 100m on 171.

Not a bad bird for Perth County!

Peter Kotanen
pkotanen at credit.erin.utoronto.ca

Peter Kotanen <pkotanen at credit.erin.utoronto.ca>

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