Rare Bird Alert---YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER at Prince Edward Point Apr. 21

Mark Cranford ontbirds at ofo.ca
Mon Apr 22 06:58:52 EDT 2002

Initially sent 6 pm yesterday, forwarding for Bob Sachs with apologies 

Mark Cranford

Eleanor Sachs and I found a brilliant male YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER at Pr.
Edw. Pt. around 1:00 p.m. today, Apr. 21.
It was moving slowly through the red cedar and bare deciduous trees behind
the Bird Banding Station about 50 m. along the banders' path from the small
new banding shed.
The bird was singing, a modest 3 or 4 second desccending series of notes. We
had the sun to our backs and were within 8 m. of the bird at the closest. We
were able to check its bright yellow throat, strong white supercillium (over
the eye), black face mask and large white patch behind the ear, white belly
and black streaked lower flanks.

We do not know if the bird had been banded and released before we found it.

Bob Sachs, Kingston ON

Mark Cranford
ONTBIRDS Coordinator
Mississauga, Ontario
ontbirds at ofo.ca
Mark Cranford <ontbirds at ofo.ca>

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