Port Hope Red-bellied Woodpeckers

Terry Osborne terryos at sentex.net
Sun Apr 28 14:03:53 EDT 2002

I just received a telephone call from a friend north of Port Hope and to be
even more specific, a line north of Bailieburo, that he has had a pair of
Red-bellied Woodpeckers at his farm since Friday. He also told me that this
is the third year in a row that they have appeared at his feeder indicating
a possible nearby nesting site.

Those involved in the breeding bird survey might find this information
useful. Visitors are welcomed.

DIRECTIONS: Take County Rd. 28 north to and through Bailieburo to 2nd Line
of South Monaghan Township. This should be the first sideroad north of
Bailieburo. Turn east and drive exactly 5 km to a farm on the north side
identified  by the name Dorin on the mailbox. A long laneway goes north to
the farmhouse and the birds can be seen frequenting a feeder in the front
yard which is rather large.

I've also been told by him that a flock of no fewer than 40 Turkeys are also
in the area. To find them when you first turn east onto 2nd Line north of
Bailieburo, rather than proceeding all the way to the Dorin farm, turn north
on Scriven Road and go north 2 concessions to the 4th line. The birds are
often seen in the late afternoon at the intersection of the 4th Line and
Scriven Road.

Terry Osborne

"Terry Osborne" <terryos at sentex.net>

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