Babies in Park

Carol Church carolannch at
Mon Apr 29 20:56:12 EDT 2002

Monday April 29th,
Hi Birders,
It's been pretty quiet in the Canatara Park the past week. Today there was 
five surprises. One of the many pairs of nesting  Canada geese had her 
babies. Very cute balls of yellow feathers.
Also some very colorful yellow Rumped Warblers( the yellow on this bunch 
seems more pernounced then the last bunch that came through.)A few Black and 
White Warblers and some Palm warblers.Flying over Lake Chipican were lots of 
Tree, Barn and Rough- Winged Swallows. On Lake Chipican are Shovelers, 
Gadwalls, Bufflehead and Redheads. We saw White Throated Sparrows and a 
Brown Thrasher, Hermit Thrush and several Red-Bellied Woodpeckers.
Canatara Park is in Sarnia.It's located off Christina Street.
Good Birding Everyone,
Carol Churchman
carolannch at
P.S. Someone told me they had Ruby-Throated Hummers at their feeder two 
weeks ago. Has anyone else seen any? Please reply privately. This seems very 

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