Black & White Warbler and Brown Thrasher - Bruce County

Fred & Beth Jazvac jazvacfb at
Tue Apr 30 22:40:46 EDT 2002

A black and white warbler was seen near the Kincardine Sewage lagoons.  The
warbler was on Kin-Huron Road leading into the lagoons in  the brush just
past the fields.  Kin Huron Road is just south of Kincardine on Hwy 21.
There were 4 Bonaparte's Gulls in the lagoons.

The Brown Thrasher was seen on County Road 17, one mile East of Port Elgin.

There were 4 Purple Martin's investigating the Martin House at the
waterfront in Port Elgin in the AM just north of the beach paring lot.
There was no sign of them in the afternoon.

Fred Jazvac 
Fred & Beth Jazvac <jazvacfb at>

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