Coloured banded Piping Plover, Brant, Black-headed and Little Gulls at Darlington Provincial Park/Second marsh

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Wed May 1 13:04:32 EDT 2002

This morning while conducting the Little/Bonaparte's Gull Survey at the west
end of Darlington Provincial Park. I located a coloured banded Piping Plover
on the west end of the park beach. The two hours I was counting gulls the
plover either slept or foraged nearby.

After the survey I returned at 10:30am with my camera and met Jay
Vandergaast on my way down to the beach. The bird was no longer at the
western park of the beach. We relocated it near the snow fences just south
of the boat rental house on the east side of the beach. If you approach
slowly and do not seem like a threat the bird will ignore you and go about
At 11 am a flock of 18 Brant were off the beach.

At 7:41 this morning during the gull survey, 1 Black-headed Gull flew by my
location with Bonaparte's Gull heading towards the second marsh. Richard
Joos counting gulls from the platform at the east side of the marsh had a
Black-headed Gull with a smaller amount of a hood than the bird I observed
fly into the marsh with also with Bonaparte's gulls .

Currently there is  82 Little Gulls and over 4000 Bonaparte's using the
Second marsh-Darlington provincial park area to forage and roost. Also for
the last several days there has been 1 imm Iceland gull and 2 imm Glaucous
Gulls in the area as well. The Gulls start flying into the marsh around
5:30am and most leave the marsh to forage on Beaton's Reef( area offshore of
the west end of Darlington P.P.)  around 8:30 am. The Little Gulls are
actively courting over the marsh. If you get there early enough one can see
30+ Little Gulls in the air at one time.

Other Birds in the area Forster's (1), Black, Caspian and Common terns,
Pintails, and a drake Canvasback.


Due to the OPSEU strike The Park's main gate is locked. Enter from the
directions below


Oshawa Second marsh

Directions: Exit from the 401 at the Harmony Rd. Exit in Oshawa. Go
south to Colonel Sam Drive. Go east on Colonel Sam Drive to the parking lot
at the GM. Headquarters. Park in the nw parking lot closet to the second
marsh. The
east platform is located here.
 To see the Piping plover proceed either along the path from the parking lot
south to the lakeshore than east to the
Barrier Beach in Darlington Provincial park. The bird was last seen on the
far east end of the barrier beach. Or park just past the GM office beside
the west gate of the park. proceed to the se corner of McLaughlin Bay to the
boathouse.The trail immediately adjacent to the bay is WET this time of

Tyler Hoar

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