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Kit Brown kitbrown42 at
Wed May 1 15:01:15 EDT 2002

2 bar headed geese were at the Pt Stanley lagoons as of yesterday. They were 
first located Sunday April 28. On Sunday they flew in from the south about 
1400 hrs and landed on the 3rd lagoon from the east and were easily visible 
on the berm between the 3rd and 4 th lagoons

Pt Stanley lagoons are reached by going south on Sunset Rd ( Hwy 4) from St 
Thomas to Pt Stanley and turning right at the sign alternative route to 
beach just as you are coming into the village. This is Warren St proceed 
straight thru at the 4 way stop street (Union Rd) to the first road on the 
right Scotch Line. The lagoons are about 1/2 mile on the left and are 
clearly identified by two viewing stands.

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