Trumpeter Swan(s)

Roger Clark erogclark at
Thu May 2 19:04:30 EDT 2002

Hi Ontbirders,

Today's posting by Bev McBride of the sighting of a Trumpeter Swan by Jean
Dubois near Breckenridge (Quebec), makes me a little more certain that the
swan seen at the Embrun Lagoon on 25 April was most likely also a Trumpeter.

Following that sighting, I received a number of private e-mails from people
in places as far afield (from Ottawa) as New Liskeard & Kincardine where
Trumpeters had been seen during the previous week.  I talked at some length
with Harry Lumsden, whose work on the reintroduction of Trumpeters in
Ontario is legend.  He was reasonably convinced that the Embrun bird was a
Trumpeter (most likely a yearling).  He mentioned that last year there were
19 Trumpeters at Big Rideau Lake (about 60 km south-west of Ottawa) as part
of the Ontario Trumpeter Program.

>From all this, it seems that Trumpeter Swans may indeed be making more
regular appearances in the Ottawa region.  Maybe in 10 years we'll be able
to include them in our year's lists.

Roger Clark (Ottawa)
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