Piping Plover still at Darlington (late afternoon)

Marcel Gahbauer marcel.gahbauer at utoronto.ca
Thu May 2 21:08:10 EDT 2002

I arrived at the Darlington beach around 4:45 pm this afternoon, and
encountered Dave Mudd, who had been watching the Piping Plover for a while.
It was again along the beach near the hut at the east end of the beach.  We
watched it for another ~45 minutes, during which time it was actively
feeding, sometimes finding long reddish worms among the rocks.  It moved
back and forth over a stretch of perhaps 100 metres.

The habitat along the beach is currently in great condition for this bird,
and hopefully will remain undisturbed - if so, it's possible this bird may
remain for some time.  NOTE: the plover blends in VERY well with the sand at
times -- if you do not see it when you arrive, walk along the back (i.e.
inland) edge of the beach as you search for it to avoid flushing it
unintentionally.  The beach can be easily scanned from there, and with a
scope or even binoculars the plover can be viewed well from this area
without having to approach any closer.

After thoroughly enjoying our views of the Piping Plover, we headed over to
Thickson's Woods for a brief visit.  While the woods in Darlington were
incredibly quiet, the opposite was the case at Thickson's.  White-throated
Sparrows were everywhere, both on the ground and in the treetops!  At least
150 of them.  Also a Black-throated Blue Warbler, 2 Black-throated Green, a
Pine Warbler, and a very cooperative Carolina Wren.

Good birding,

Marcel Gahbauer
Ottawa ON
marcel.gahbauer at utoronto.ca

Take the Harmony Road exit from Hwy 401 in Oshawa, head south to Colonel Sam
Drive and turn left (east).  Pass the GM building and continue on the gravel
road to the small parking area at the edge of Darlington Park.  Walk in
along the road - the other path is flooded.  If you are prepared for some
wet terrain, follow the first road to the right and the path along the
shoreline beyond it; otherwise continue on the main road to the second right
turn and head down toward the lake that way.  The walk in is ~20 minutes,
give or take - but well worthwhile!

Thickson's Woods is at the foot of Thickson Road, exit 412 from Hwy 401 and
head south.

"Marcel Gahbauer" <marcel.gahbauer at utoronto.ca>

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