Piping Plover still at Darlington (8:30 pm)

Mark Cranford cranford at attcanada.ca
Thu May 2 22:16:39 EDT 2002

The Piping Plover was still present at 8:30 pm Thursday working a 50
meter stretch of beach west from the hut.  

Take the Harmony Road exit from Hwy 401 in Oshawa, head south to
Colonel Sam
Drive and turn left (east).  Pass the GM building and continue on the
road to the small parking area at the edge of Darlington Park.  Walk
along the road - the other path is flooded.  If you are prepared for
wet terrain, follow the first road to the right and the path along the
shoreline beyond it; otherwise continue on the main road to the second
turn and head down toward the lake that way.  The walk in is ~20
give or take - but well worthwhile!

Mark Cranford
cranford at attcanada.ca
Mississauga,  Ontario
Mark Cranford <cranford at attcanada.ca>

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